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Step by step, along our footpaths, discover this exceptional region with its contrasting landscapes. An unforgettable experience that will awaken your every sense as you get back in tune with nature, culture and civilisation. The region has maintained its authentic Pyrenean and Catalan identity – a land of lakes and forests basking in a dry and sunny Mediterranean climate. So don’t wait any longer! Strap your rucksack on your back and set off to discover the “great outdoors”.

Tourist Office Mountain Information Point open every day from June to September from 9am to 6pm in term-time and from 9am to 19pm during school holidays.

Click on this link to discover all the refuges in the Catalan Pyrenees : map and list of refuges

Download the circuits of  small hikes from the Community of Municipalities website.

You can also find Permanent Orienteering Courses available for download (bottom of page).

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This route has two variants: the East link and the West link. Privilege the West link for a minimum of road and traffic! The West...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

Carrer de l'Escola

NATAPH est une association affiliée à la fédération des Clubs Alpins et de la Montagne et au réseau d'éducation à...

Tel. : +33 4 68 05 31 82

Mobile : +33 6 27 92 21 17

Interest: forest, flora. Trail linking the place called Farnells to the Col del Pam.

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

Join the lake Bouillouses by a chairlift or pedestrian link. Magnificent 360 ° panorama from the link. Trail closed from...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

Interesting link that allows you to join the leisure center Airelles or departures trails in the area "Quiet". We also discover...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

The link cuts the road several times. Children, be careful! The route crosses the porch of the "Balcony of Cerdanya" (former...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

Discovery of the Solar Furnace by an old pastoral path. Watch out for the first part of the route following the road!

Discovery of three wild lakes and the Bouillouses dam. Exceptional and unavoidable.

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 68 30

38 et 47 avenue Emmanuel Brousse

Based in Font-Romeu, "Ozone 3" offers you a multitude of outdoor sports... Whatever the season, his team, qualified and...

Tel. : +33 4 68 30 36 09

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