Pistache’s advices

Chocolat and Noisette’s uncle watch over you and the good proceedings of your stay among us.
Mountain is pleasant and fascinating but it can quickly become hostile and dangerous!!!
Before going hiking in mountains,

1. You should know several rules :

  • Be aware of weather because it changes very quickly
  • Take a big breakfast and bring snack
  • Sun is strong in altitude, put sun block regularly
  • Drink water to keep hydrated
  • Do not feed animals; it can destabilize their natural diet
  • Stay in the hiking path and respect regulations
  • Avoid flowers picking because many of them are toxic or endangered.

2. An adapted equipment to hike

  • Hiking shoes, warm clothes, caps, sunglasses (sale in Font Romeu shops)

3.  Mountain is delicate. It’s strictly forbidden to throw your rubbish in Nature. Do not forget to sort your waste. Containers are available everywhere in the village!

4. During trekking, keep your dog on a leash, he could disturb or pursue wild animals.

Eco-gestures: Protect Nature

In order to keep Font Romeu clean and enjoyable for successful holiday week, contribute to protect the environment!


Use Estibus (or Skibus) to reach cable car from your holiday rental.

Heating system

If I’m cold, I put another sweater instead of overheat. I close curtains and shutters when the sun goes down to keep the room warn.

Water consumption

Avoid wasting water in order to keep river level high.

Noise nuisance

After 10 P.M, reduce noise to respect neighborhood.

Waste management

Never throw your waste in Nature and do not forget to sort the waste. Containers are available everywhere in the village!

Documentation & brochures

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