France’s Ministry of Tourism has introduced a new system for grading French tourist offices. Font-Romeu Tourist Office is the first in the Cerdagne-Capcir area to be awarded Category 1 status and commits to :

  • Providing a friendly, practical and accessible welcome.
  • Helping you with everything you need to organise your holiday and welcoming you with a friendly and courteous approach.
  • Providing a customised welcome and clear advice; understanding and anticipating every tourist’s expectations.
  • Offering a recreational waiting area for your children.
  • Providing information about all local tourist attractions, free of charge.
  • Providing an open WiFi area.
  • Displaying and communicating our opening times (in French, English and Spanish) via all our media channels.
  • Being open more than 350 days a year. The days we close are outside peak tourist season and are clearly communicated via the tourist office’s media channels.
  • Offering a permanent service provided by staff who speak at least two foreign languages that are clearly identified (badge).
  • Communicating our tourist information via a range of print media made available free of charge at the tourist office and in the resort’s socio-professional organisations (tourist maps, guides, hiking guide books etc.).
  • Providing tourist information about the whole region and practical information on the resort in two foreign languages (Spanish and English) and in two seasonal versions (Summer & Winter) in our welcome guide. The general brochure is also published in three foreign languages (Spanish, Catalan and English).
  • Replying as quickly as possible to all requests made via social media, email and post (email requests answered within 24 hours).
  • Ensuring that the information we provide is updated constantly; guaranteeing that all the information provided within our scope of action is reliable.
  • Providing access to our trilingual website (new version under construction).
  • Displaying outside the tourist office all emergency telephone numbers and information on when the resort’s restaurants and hotels will be closed outside peak season.
  • Presenting information on all tourist attractions for our entire scope of intervention and for all clients.
  • Recording, analysing and treating all your remarks, suggestions, observations and complaints (and passing them on to any relevant partners).
  • Listening to our clients, measuring their satisfaction and constantly improving the quality of our services (using a range of surveys and questionnaires).
  • Complying with a quality approach.
  • Enhancing our internal and external communication and promoting our partners’ tourist attractions.
  • Ensuring fast access to our website through effective ranking; providing digital tools (Font-Romeu app, internet point, external interactive terminal currently being installed).
  • Providing up-to-date and reliable information on a daily basis (particularly on ski area accessibility, piste closures etc.) on our website: font-romeu.fr. This website can also be consulted using mobile devices (RWD).
  • Providing a tourism information service adapted to new information and communication technology (social media, mobile telephones, geo-tracking, display panels le)

Our aim: the satisfaction of our holidaymakers above all else!

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