Take some time out! All to yourself!
Restore balance in mind and body.
After a day’s skiing, relax, unwind and switch off…
Time we spend on ourselves is never wasted time – it allows us to recharge our batteries and regain vitality.

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Route des gorges du Sègre

Tel. : +33 4 68 04 74 55

1 rue du Mazerat

Sophrology and physical relaxation. Stress management techniques, preparation for competitions for athletes, preparation for...

Mobile : +33 6 25 30 40 28

Régie municipale

Saint Thomas Hot Baths are set in a stone amphitheater with a large aquatic area in the center and a small bath for toddlers, a...

Tel. : +33 4 68 97 03 13

Lycée de Font-Romeu

Mobile : +33 6 17 90 18 66

8 avenue d'Espagne

Wellness massage with essential bios oils, relaxing, tonic, athletic, antistress, hot stone suitable for pregnant women, children...

Mobile : +33 6 82 18 63 70

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